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Philippines 10kWp iron sheet metal roof photovoltaic power station

Issuing time:2019-05-10 19:36Author:Juxin EnergyLink:https://www.alu-solarmount.com/en/

Philippines 10kWp iron sheet metal roof photovoltaic power station

Project Location: Philippines

Project Date: November 2014

Installed capacity: 10kWp

Place Type: Iron Sheet Metal Roof

Solution: wavy iron roof photovoltaic bracket

Supply products: photovoltaic bracket


The wave-shaped panel is an uncommon tile type on the market. For the photovoltaic system installed on the wave-shaped metal roof, we use the L-shaped aluminum feet + self-tapping and self-drilling screw solution. system.

According to the different materials of roof purlins at home and abroad, we have two options:

1. Domestic steel beams are usually used. Self-tapping screws are required when fixing L-angle aluminum.

2. Foreign countries generally use wooden beams, and stainless steel double-headed screws are used to fix L angle aluminum (L foot screw kit). Stainless steel double-headed screw, combined with the screw's waterproof gasket, can effectively prevent water leakage caused by penetrating the roof. The cross beam of the bracket adopts the aluminum alloy guide rail, and the L angle aluminum is connected with the guide rail by using a slider nut and an inner hexagonal bolt. Waterproof gasket and waterproof glue for waterproofing.

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