Solar PV Mounting System

Product Details

Aluminum Clamp Mid & End Clamp for Thin Film Solar Panel

Product Name: Aluminum clamp
Spec.: L=80mm,L=100mm, L=120mm
Model No.: JX-ZY034-1A JX-BY034-1B
Material: Aluminum 6063-T5
Surface Treatment: Anodized
Wind Load: 40m/s
Snow Load: 1.4KN/M²
Packaging: Cartons or Pallets is Available, According to your requirement
Lead Time: 6 Working Day
Product details

1. Thin film inter clamp is specially used for pressing the solar film panel. Used to hold the side of the solar panel, and the thin film end clamp contains the rubber mat, so that the film panel is not easily cracked.

2. The Thin film solar panel clamp can be used for kinds of specification thin film solar panel or unframed solar panel. Appropriate clamping force does not damage solar panel and can prevent the solar panel moving effectively. Overall design and competitive price make it suitable for solar mounting.

3. Space high utilization

4. Custom-length for your choice 80mm,100mm,120mm,150mm,etc.

5. Undergoing test for strong support
6. Private Module for unique design

Thin Film Solar Panel Clamp Frameless Solar Module Bracket.jpg

Main Features:

1) Accommodate different thickness thin film solar panel.

2) Easy to install, save labor and time at site.

3) Excellent wind resistant to strong gusts.

4) Tested and proved, long service life.

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